Shayna Baszler On How The Current Environment Will Impact Creativity


During an interview with Digital Spy, Shayna Baszler spoke on why she believes the current environment will allow the wrestlers to be more creative. Here are the highlights:

On Working Out Of The WWE PC Allowing For Creativity:

It opens up a bunch of possibilities that nobody would have even thought of if it wasn’t this way. It’s going to be interesting to see how creative people get. It’s obviously going to be very different and not just because there’s no audience but this has never been done and now we’re free to be as creative as we want with this stuff. I think there is kind of a buzz about, you know, ‘what’s this going to be like?’ I think there’s a different sort of excitement to it.

On The WWE Being A Distraction:

I think to give a couple days where people can sit and talk about like, the good guy and the bad guy and who they’re cheering for, it’s something else to talk about. It’s kind of the most important time for us right now. The world needs it, you know, just as a mental reprieve.

You can read the interview HERE.

Credit: Digital Spy.

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