Shayna Baszler Believes Her and Nia Jax Will Have A Long Tag Title Reign, Speaks On Her Goals Moving Forward


WWE women’s tag champion Shayna Baszler was a recent guest on The Bump to talk all things pro wrestling, including how she feels about Jax as a rival now that they hold titles together. Highlights are below.

How she still dislikes Nia Jax but will put that aside since they are tag champions:

I’m not going to say I’m going to handle any conversation on her behalf, but what I think you guys are seeing is that we’re professionals, we’re professional athletes. As far as the tag team titles, we can – I mean, I can put aside the fact that I hate her so we can work together in the ring.

Her goal towards becoming the best women’s wrestler in WWE:

Obviously the priority will be to remain champion. Obviously I’m going to go after every title that’s available to me. If [being a tag team champion] gets me closer to becoming the best women’s wrestler in WWE, then that’s the steps I’m going to take. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that it’s less about, ‘Oh, I want this specific title,’ or, ‘I want this specific thing.’ Everything I’m doing is a step towards making people realize that I’m the best wrestler in WWE.

Predicts a long reign with Nia:

Each of us singly is pretty hard to deal with. You’re going to be pretty hard-pressed to find a team that can do what needs to be done to take both of us out. It’s impossible. So, I think that you’re going to see a long, long reign. These titles are going to be looked as a defining era; it’s going to be the Shayna/Nia era.

Check out the full episode of The Bump below. (H/T and transcribed by Wrestling Inc.)

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