is Shawn Michaels Returning to Royal Rumble ?


There’s been ongoing WWE rumors as to whether or not Shawn Michaels will ever compete in a match again. Michaels was seen in the ring recently on an episode of Raw in order to promote his new movie and the upcoming Royal Rumble. There’s been constant rumors that he might actually participate in the 30-man match, or even wrestle against one of the newest WWE stars, AJ Styles. Recently, “The Heartbreak Kid” talked to one media source about the possibility of stepping into the wrestling ring again.

Over the past several weeks, plenty of rumors of Michaels’ return for the Royal Rumble have been discussed. On this past Monday’s episode of Raw, HBK showed up to promote his new upcoming movie, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. In addition, he talked up the 2017 edition of the Royal Rumble taking place in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. He also reminded fans that he won the WWE championship at the Rumble years ago. Not only that, Michaels was part of a classic Rumble match a decade ago which featured HBK and The Undertaker as the final two competitors in San Antonio.

So could he be back in action in a few weeks at the latest Rumble? According to a TMZ Sports report, Shawn Michaels has crushed all hopes he’ll return to the ring. TMZ caught up with Michaels in the streets of New York City and asked him about real “heartbreak,” inquiring the worst way a girl ever broke up with him. Michaels talked about one time from his days in high school. Michaels also answered a question about one of his favorite hobbies, hunting, before things shifted towards his wrestling career.

The TMZ reporter threw the popular question Michaels’ way with regards to having “one more match.”

“I know Undertaker’s going to be in Rumble, will we see you wrestle again?”

Michaels responds to the question after thinking on it very briefly.

“Noo. Not if I can help it.”

Michaels last competed at WrestleMania XXVI in a retirement match against The Undertaker. He came up on the losing side, but it was a critically-acclaimed bout that sent him out on top of his game. His appearances on WWE programming still bring plenty of buzz, and Michaels has been known to get involved in the shows or pay-per-views in other capacities.

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