Shawn Michaels on His WWE Ring Return and Going Back to Normal Life (Video)


Above is video of WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels talking to the camera after he came out of retirement today at WWE Crown Jewel to team with Triple H for a win over Kane and The Undertaker.

While it’s been reported that there are plans for Shawn to work a singles match, The Showstopper said he’s hoping to avoid any more in-ring action. There have been reports of Michaels vs. Taker at WWE Survivor Series later this month and then a match with another Superstar at WrestleMania 35 in April. Michaels told the WWE cameras that he’s looking forward to staying out of the ring.

“This whole day I’ve been anxious, and nervous, and everything else,” Shawn admitted. “But once I got in there with everybody, it was fun, it was comfortable. I felt… did a few things, get a little warm, and you forget how tough this is on your body. I’ll be feeling it for the next several days and it’ll be a very good reminder of why I didn’t do it for 8 years and why I’m not going to do it again, if I can possibly help it.”

Shawn also said he’s headed back to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando to get back to normal life. He said, “We are going back to our regular life, boys. A lot of fun to do but I’m glad it’s over, too.”

Today’s match at Crown Jewel was Shawn’s first since Taker retired him at WrestleMania 26 back in 2010. The WWE Stats Twitter account noted that there were 8 years, 7 months and 5 days in between Shawn’s matches.

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