Shannon Moore Reveals WCW Was Planning “Real World” Style Reality Show For Cruiserweights


Shannon Moore made an appearance on Table Talk to discuss a wide range of topics. 

During it, he noted that WCW hired him to be in a reality show when he originally started there.

“We ended up going down to the power plant. WCW hired me. I was the first of 21 cruiserweights that they hired to do a reality show, like Real World at the time. It was basically going to be a version of Tough Enough,” he said.

“So Eric Bischoff, I think he had like the first Tough Enough idea because he was going to do it with us, the cruiserweights that he hired. He was going to put us in a house and show us working our way through the ranks, even though most of us had already been wrestling for six or seven years. Then finally, we would make it to WCW Nitro and that’s how we would start our career, but it was going to be a reality series.”

“But before that took off, they kiboshed that idea.”

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