Shane McMahon On Vince Pitching An Incest Storyline Between He And Stephanie


On a previous episode of “Opie Radio”, Bruce Prichard revealed that Vince once proposed an incest storyline between his son Shane and daughter Stephanie. Prichard recounted that Vince eventually came to his senses and decided not to go through with it.

Shane McMahon recently appeared on Opie and the Prichard story was relayed to him. His response was not what one may have expected it to be:

Well, my sisters hot. I don’t know if I really would have minded that. I never heard that one. I’ll tell you one that I personally said absolutely no to. My dad and mom were involved in some stuff and my dad comes up and says, ‘Alright, then you’re going to slap your mother.’ I went, ‘No.’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ I went, ‘Dad, I’m not going to hit my mother. Ever. I had a hard time hitting you and you’re my dad.’ That became easier when he punched me in the eye. I couldn’t do that to my mom. But I never heard the (incest) angle.

Prichard called into the radio station during Shane’s interview to clarify and provide context to the story.

Prichard: “it was at the time when Stephanie was pregnant and Vince was trying to figure out if he could write that into storyline. It was an entire day of my life I will never get back” and that he even considered revealing himself as the father, but nobody at the time was sure if he was joking or not.”

Shane: “Sometimes he [ Vince ] does that stuff to amuse himself.”

Credit Jeff Whalen & for transcript

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