Seth Rollins might be Champion now.


Next Sunday, 30 WWE Superstars will enter the Royal Rumble match in the Alamodome, but it will be Seth Rollins who walks out of San Antonio with the opportunity to main event Wrestlemania 33. This year’s Royal Rumble match is going to be the most competitive in WWE history. With big stars like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, The Undertaker and others, it could also be the most exciting Royal Rumble match of all time.

There is a lot of speculation about this year’s WWE Royal Rumble. The WWE Universe is expecting a great show with some big surprises. It’s been reported that Samoa Joe could make his debut on the main roster and there will be many more surprises. There is a strong possibility for both WWE World titles to change hands from AJ Styles to John Cena and from Kevin Owens to Roman Reigns heading into Wrestlemania 33.

However, the biggest match will be the 30-man Royal Rumble that is filled with unlimited possibilities and possible outcomes. WWE officials could go a lot of different ways depending on who they choose to win the match, but the early favorite is The Undertaker. It’s been reported that he will be kept out of WWE title matches at Wrestlemania. There are several other possible winners, but Seth Rollins makes the most sense.

The WWE Universe is under the assumption that HHH vs. Seth Rollins is written in stone for Wrestlemania 33. Obviously, WWE officials may feel the same way, which means The Architect will face The Game on the grandest stage of them all and won’t win the Royal Rumble. However, it’s been reported that WWE officials may cancel Rollins vs. Triple H because The Undertaker will be the only non-regular performer on the card.

Not only that, but WWE has made a lot of “key changes” to the Wrestlemania card. It’s plausible that HHH vs. Rollins has been cut. This is speculation at this point, but let’s just assume that is true. It has also been reported that WWE is interested in Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal title on the show, but where does that leave Roman Reigns who is expected to win the title at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV.

On paper, the rivalry with Triple H is an attempt to make Seth Rollins as strong a babyface as possible, and the win over Triple H on the grandest stage of them all could make him WWE’s top babyface. However, the same goal could be accomplished if WWE books Rollins vs. Triple H for the WWE FastLane PPV instead.

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