Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch Notes, Ronda Rousey Gives Props to Sasha Banks (Video), Nia Jax


– Below is video of RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey talking to Charly Caruso after her win over Sasha Banks at the WWE Royal Rumble last night. Rousey praised Banks for pushing her to a new level and she tried to be respectable after the match, but she’s not sure if Banks feels the same way because she sends mixed signals. Rousey praised Banks some more and said she respects her as a performer but she has an issue with the Four Horsewomen talk.

Rousey said she and her friends were the Horsewomen before they came to WWE and it wasn’t just a marketing ploy, it’s real and it’s personal. She said the WWE Horsewomen are taking something that’s real to them, and trying to package it to the masses when they don’t even like each other. Rousey said she would respect it if they held the 4’s up with the same feeling she and her friends do, but it’s just a marketing thing.

Regarding respect, Rousey said, “Respect isn’t really being given to me openly from many of the women, but I feel like that’s just an invitation for me to take it from them. I love a good challenge and they do too, so let’s do the damn thing.”

– Seth Rollins became the first WWE Superstar to win the Royal Rumble Match as the 10th entrant last night. Regarding Becky Lynch’s Rumble Match win, she joins Batista (2005 and 2014) as the only Superstars to win from the #28 spot.

– Nia Jax took to Twitter today and said she does not regret stealing R-Truth’s #30 spot in the men’s Rumble Match last night. She tweeted this photo of the RKO from Randy Orton and tagged Orton:

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