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Serena Deeb Looks Back On Her Time As A Coach At The WWE PC, Talks Working With Undertaker


AEW star Serena Deeb recently took part in a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, where the former NWA women’s champion spoke about her time as a coach at the WWE PC, and recalls working the Undertaker as a member of the Straight Edge Society. Highlights are below.

On her time working at the WWE PC and which wrestler showed the most improvement during her time there:

I guess the first that sticks out to me is Kacy Catanzaro was like, we literally started at the P.C. on the same day, we had our orientation on the same day and she had zero wrestling experience and I was her coach from the very beginning and I remember the day that she had her very first match ever and I was a big part of helping with that, you know? And it was like a total success and you know, she killed it and her opponent was great there and I remember after the match, I was so proud of her that I cried, because I was just like, ‘Man, you didn’t even know how to take a bump the day I met you, you know? And here you are like –‘ and then she’s in the [Royal] Rumble the next year and you know, watching someone like that, from day one, knew nothing and then to watch that growth, that was cool but yeah, I remember crying that day because I was really moved by the fact that I could contribute to somebody in that way, like on that level and be such a part of it, you know?

On working with the Undertaker as a part of the Straight Edge Society:

Undertaker, we [Straight Edge Society] did a lot with Undertaker. Those were always fun because Taker would — if I was on the floor managing, Taker would like, a lot of times get out of the ring and ‘Taker walk’ towards me, but like not stop and I would have to run literally all the way up to the ramp, like to where the entrance starts because he wouldn’t stop until I was all the way up there and then he would walk back to the ring.

(H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)

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