Selknam Name Roster for Super Rugby Americas


2023 will be historic for rugby. The year will see Chile competing on the grandest stage of them all for the first time. Los Cóndores will debut at the Rugby World Cup against Japan in Toulouse on September 10. They also face Samoa, England and Argentina. The first three matches have never happened before while Chile vs Argentina will be the first South American battle in Rugby World Cup history.

Chile’s pathway to qualifying for the World Cup was tied in heavily to Selknam. The Chilean professional team reached the final of the Súper Liga Americana de Rugby (SLAR) 2022. The competition enabled the players to be the best prepared Chileans ever and they went on to eliminate the USA with a win over the Eagles in Denver.

Super Rugby Americas 2023 is Chile’s vital preparation process for the Rugby World Cup. The bulk of the roster will come from Selknam and players will be in competition with one-another to make the final roster for the World Cup.

Selknam’s roster for Super Rugby Americas 2023 is entirely Chilean. This matches the policy of Peñarol, both Chile and Uruguay are right into World Cup mode.

There are players back from overseas on the Selknam roster. Augusto Bohme is back from Major League Rugby, Nicolás Herreros returns from Spain and Pablo Casas is back from Portugal. Another is Pablo Huete who previously played in the Top 14 and in New Zealand.

Selknam will begin Super Rugby Americas 2023 in Santiago. The Chileans play host to the American Raptors on February 18 and Los Pampas one week later. They have a bye in round three  before hitting the road for the first time.

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Selknam Name Roster for Super Rugby Americas

Norman Aguayo
Lucas Bordigioni
Javier Carrasco
Mauricio Gómez
Salvador Lues

Augusto Bohme
Jorge Delgado
Simon Donoso
Tomás Dussaillant
Diego Escobar

Iñaki Gurruchaga
Esteban Inostroza
Vittorio Lastra
Marco López

Javier Eissmann
Ignacio González
Pablo Huete
Andrés Kuzmanic
Santiago Pedrero
Clemente Saavedra
Bruno Saez

Santiago Edwards
Raimundo Martínez
Thomas Orchard
Ignacio Silva
Ernesto Tchimino

Franco Costantino
Alfonso Escobar
Joaquín Milesi

Lukas Carvallo
Nicolás Herreros
Marcelo Torrealba
Benjamín Videla

Rodrigo Fernández
Diego Warnken

Clemente Armstrong
Pablo Casas
Matías Garafulic
José Larenas
Domingo Saavedra

Cristobál Game
Nicolás Garafulic
Gaspar Moltedo

Luca Strabucchi
Francisco Urroz
Santiago Videla

Selknam Name Roster for Super Rugby Americas .

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