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See where Mike Vrabel ranks in head coach rankings


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Do you agree?

It’s almost football time. That means we will be able to stop debating lists and talk about things that are actually happening on the field. I love that time. HOWEVA, we aren’t there yet, so we have a couple of lists to debate.

Today I saw two different lists that ranked NFL head coaches. The first one comes from Pro Football Talk. They are revealing their top 10 coaches one day at a time. Today they unveiled their 9th-ranked coachTennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel. Mike Florio thinks that the New England Patriots could try to hire Vrabel away when Bill Belichick is done coaching. Good luck with that.

The second list is over at Sharp Football. They ranked Vrabel 13th. Their comments:

Votes for Mike Vrabel ranged from 10th to 21st among head coaches. To live up to the high end of that spectrum, Vrable must become more aggressive. On second and 10, Tennessee has handed the ball off on 32% of plays over the last two seasons (league average 23%) 一 that’s a defeatist approach to the game.

Man, I really hope that that 2nd and 10 run number goes down. There are few things that make me angrier than a run on 2nd and 10.

What do you think of Vrabel’s placement on these lists?

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