Sean Waltman On The Evolution Of Professional Wrestling Styles


During the most recent episode of “X-Pac 1 2 360”, Sean Waltman discussed how wrestling styles have evolved over time. Here’s what he had to say:

[Wrestling styles are] all kind of mixed together these days. Even if you go to Mexico, some of the guys are still doing it traditional, but a lot of those guys in Mexico are working hybrid style now. It’s kind of similar to MMA, in the early days. Now everybody trains in everything. But it’s been fascinating to see how it’s all kind of come together and how the styles have meshed. I look forward to seeing it continue to evolve. Because it is, even in the last few years, I see things change and trends change. Guys are trying new things all the time, and we’re able to see those things because of the internet. It’s pretty cool.

You can check out the podcast HERE.

Credit: X-Pac 1 2 360. H/T Wrestlezone.

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