Sean Waltman On The Deaths Of The Dynamite Kid & Larry Hennig, Justin Credible’s Arrest


Sean Waltman used his most recent episode of “X-Pac 1 2 360” to touch on some of the sad news that has occurred in the wrestling world as of late. He spoke on the deaths of both The Dynamite Kid and Larry Hennig, as well as Justin Credible’s most recent arrest. Here are the highlights:

On The Dynamite Kid:

One of the greatest of all time. He was a huge, huge influence on my career. As a smaller guy, that’s how you had to be during that time and when I was coming up. And everything you did had to make up for the lack of size, it had to be explosive. And there was nobody more explosive than the Dynamite Kid. My name was Lightning Kid, it was pretty much a copy off of Dynamite Kid.

On Larry Hennig:

A lot of people know that I was really close with Curt [Hennig] and traveling down the road with Curt I got to hear stories, I never met anyone that loved their father and looked up to their father more than Curt Hennig did. …And Larry in turn I never met anyone that was more proud of his son than he was of Curt. Every father is devastated when they lose a child but it was just times a hundred, times a hundred for Larry.

I put a tweet out the other day saying one day I’ll the story about Arnold Skaaland, Larry Hennig, Curt and I going over to Tijuana for a few hours, and you know people’s heads started to turn ‘maybe they went to the donkey show’ but no all it was is I went down there and bought a bunch of pills [laughs]. And when we came back across Larry and Arnold both, when I was going through the line, they went in the line furthest from me. They got as far away from me as possible on the way back through [laughs]. …I am honored to have known Larry Hennig and I am sending some love to the Hennig family.

On Justin Credible’s Most Recent Arrest:

I had my own way of being down, my own version of hell, so my heart hurts for him and I love the guy. You guys know I really care a lot about him, we try not to give up on people cause when I was ready to fight, people were there for me, but he’s gotta do his part, you gotta do your part. I just hate seeing this cause there is children involved, there’s this documentary being made. And a documentary is a documentary, it’s not scripted , you don’t get to write the finish of the documentary…You guys know I work with a rehab center and that guy was ready to go pick him up and he wouldn’t go, it’s so frustrating. But I kinda get it too…

You can listen to the full episode of X-Pac 1 2 360 below:

Credit: X-Pac 1 2 360. H/T Wrestlezone

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