Sean Waltman On Arn Anderson Being Let Go By The WWE


On the most recent episode of “X Pac 1 2 360”, Sean Waltman discussed Arn Anderson being let go by the WWE following a house show incident where he allowed Alicia Fox to wrestle while intoxicated. Here is what Waltman had to say:

Waltman On Anderson Being Old School:

Not making excuses because there aren’t any, but Arn comes from a generation before me…I get it. And I get the company’s position but try to understand that this is a throwback to the mentality that we all had that was instilled in us… So I see how that all happened. I just wonder if there was something else, you know you have all these people they’re bringing in and things like that and when you’re trying to free up some space around there.

On Anderson Potentially Not Being A Good Fit In Today’s WWE:

If we’re going to work there, we have to not think that way anymore. I really believe that you know because it’s really important that the wrestling culture doesn’t go backwards and continues to move forward in the right direction as far as the health of the talent.

One more thing, Arn Anderson is going to be just fine, just fine, because Arn Anderson has something very few people have. He’s brilliant and he’s also amazing to have around. When he’s around, people are laughing, he’s funny as sh**, he’s brilliant. There is a lot of buyers in the market right now and he has something worth buying.

On Unsubstantiated Rumors Surrounding Alicia Fox:

Because the news is out there now, but as far as where [Fox] is at the moment or like people in the company, sources not knowing, well it’s not your place to know. Unless she’s your friend, and even then that’s really private stuff and if someone has never been through that and it’s early on and they’re dealing with their substance issues, like all of this is really scary.

On How Scary Substance Abuse Can Be:

It’s scary, you don’t know what you’re expecting if you’re gonna go and try and get help. You’re not sure if you really need it. There’s a lot and we all wanna know, we all wanna know the scoop right? And it’s okay that we do but we’re not entitled…This is the problem, you know how like in the past it’s always been, ‘So and so has the prescription drug problem,’ more and more you’re going to start seeing the problems be more alcohol-related. The culture is different there right now but you know alcohol is alcohol. It’s not just legal, it’s social. It’s accepted and we don’t realize [it].

Just a couple extra days of drinking can put you over that line to where, ‘OMG. I need a drink or I am gonna be sick.’ It’s weird. And it’s very powerful.

You can listen to the full podcast below:

Credit: X-Pac 1 2 360. H/T WrestlingInc.

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