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Sean Payton to make weight room and conditioning an offseason focus for Broncos


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The Denver Broncos were the most injured team over the last five years and new head coach Sean Payton aims to put an end that trend Day 1.

It’s no secret that the Denver Broncos have been one of the most injured teams in recent memory and the 2022 season was the worst of them all. One of the focal points for new head coach Sean Payton was to bring in the staff he had trusted to keep his players healthy throughout his 16-year career with the New Orleans Saints.

We’ve already gotten confirmation that things will be changing in Dove Valley this offseason. In an interview at the league meeting this weekend, Payton said there will be a focus on the weight room and conditioning.

“The first month of this offseason will be more weight room and conditioning [focused],” Sean Payton said this weekend. “It’s an area that I think we need to be a lot better in. We had a lot of injuries last year. And so we looked closely in the offseason at everything.”

As a fan, this is great news because we all love to see our favorite players out there making plays and no one likes to see them get hurt. It should be great news for players too, because I am sure none of them like to go through the rehab process of suffering a major injury.

Having covered this team a long time, I think back to when they first hired Luke Richesson. He brought a ‘fresh approach’ that ultimately led to one of the healthiest runs in Broncos’ history. It also led to a Super Bowl victory by the way. Hopefully we’ll see the same kind of snap back into a healthy football team that we saw before Loren Landow was hired in 2018.

Payton discussed a few other topics too, so here is the full interview from the Broncos official Twitter account.

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