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Sasha Banks On Wanting To Main Event WrestleMania, Alberto El Patron GFW Suspension Note



Sasha Banks spoke with on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Watching the WWE Women’s Division growing up:

“It’s changed so much. I remember watching it as a kid and the women weren’t really featured like the guys. I was like no, I want to be in the WWE, but I don’t want to do what they’re doing at the moment. I kind of caught like the MTV era, ladies in bikinis and beautiful women, not really throwing it down like the guys. I told myself when I was ten that I wanted to change what it meant to be a diva in the WWE. It’s crazy that we’re here, we’re superstars, we’re not divas anymore. It’s changed so much, I thank the women that came before me and who I work with today, we’ve done it together, we’re changing the world right now.”

Topping this year:

“I don’t know how you top it, I think you just keep getting better and keep striving. Just to make it a normal thing that people are not surprised women are doing these matches. I think the next goal is to main event a WrestleMania.”

– Alberto El Patron GFW Suspension Note:

GFW’s Jeremy Borash, Joseph Park and Grado held a teleconference earlier this afternoon. We have more news and notes from the call at this link. WrestlingINC’s Raj Giri asked Borash about World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron still being advertised for the Impact live events set for early August in New York and Connecticut, despite Patron being suspended while the Orlando airport domestic incident with Paige is investigated. Borash said nothing has formally announced yet and the whole situation is still under review. He also noted that a full line-up for the events should be released this week.

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