Sasha Banks On Working With Her Husband In WWE, Shinsuke Nakamura With Akira Tozawa, Kairi Sane & Former WWE Superstar Funaki (Photo)


– Shinsuke Nakamura headed out to grab some food with Akira Tozawa, Kairi Sane (a.k.a. Kairi Hojo), and former WWE Superstar, Funaki. Currently, Nakamura is feuding with Baron Corbin, while Tozawa is attempting to capture the Cruiserweight title away from Neville.

Sasha Banks On Working With Her Husband In WWE:

Sasha Banks was recently interviewed by Australian television show The Project to promote WWE’s upcoming tour of the continent in September. Here are the highlights.

On working with her husband in the WWE:

  “He’s like the fashionista. He does everything for me. I just choose the colors sometimes. Sometimes we disagree and I’m like, ‘You know what? You make my gear, and you just gotta make me look better than everyone else, or there’s a fight at home.’ But I’m very thankful that he’s here with me in the WWE so I get to travel with him. It’s been amazing.”

On favorite WWE career moment:

“It was my first ever WrestleMania, so I had to do it big. I actually found out the Thursday before WrestleMania [that Snoop Dogg was rapping during my entrance], and I was like, ‘Wait, what?!’ I mean, it’s Snoop Dogg, he’s a legend. That was honestly one of the coolest moments of my career so far.”

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