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Saraya Talks Being Medically Cleared To Wrestle, Wanting Sasha Banks Match


Saraya made an appearance on Chris Van Vliet to discuss a wide range of topics and promote AEW Full Gear where she will wrestle Britt Baker in her first match since December 2017. Here are the highlights:

Sasha Banks being one of the first people she informed that she was medically cleared:

“One of the first people I texted was Mercedes, Sasha Banks because Sasha went through a lot too. She wasn’t the one that was hurt, but she was the one who accidentally ended someone’s career. She went through a lot mentally, like, social media were cruel to her. Then it just messed her up in general, because she was just like, ‘I can’t believe that happened.’ It was a freak accident, you know, wrestling is wrestling, you’re gonna get hurt eventually. Luckily, if you don’t, you know, in your whole career. you don’t get hurt, that’s a miracle in itself, but it happens. I just wanted her to be one of the first people to know that I was like, ‘I’m back. You don’t have to stress anymore, like I’m back. You didn’t end it, I’m good.’ She was just over the moon. She was so happy. She was very pleased for me. She was very encouraging. I just like the fact that it kind of took all that weight off her shoulders too.”

Wanting to wrestle Banks:

“I really wanted to have that match for Sasha. Like, I wanted to have that rematch with her, because we have a built in story you know, so I really wanted that. But she’s kind of going down her own path and stuff now, doing her own thing. You don’t know where she’s going to be. She has an exciting life going on right now. I’m very pleased and like she’s building her career outside of wrestling too, you know, awesome, and Naomi. So it’s really really cool to see. But I get to face Britt too, who I’ve always wanted to face, and then in this brand new company as well. The crazy part is that she’s always been like a big fan of mine. I’ve seen the interviews with Britt. I’ve seen them all. She was a fan of mine so it’s kind of cool that I get to have a comeback story with her, and she’s so supportive. So I’m excited. I’m excited to have that match. One day I’ll have that match with Sasha, though.”

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