Santino Wants To Return To Wrestling, But As A Commentator


In an interview with Back Sports Page, Santino Marella opened up about wanting to return to the wrestling business. If he does, he wants to return as a commentator, and he doesn’t want to do it under the Santino gimmick. He says that a return is a strong possibility in the future, but doesn’t clarify which company. He does prefer WWE, first and foremost.

“I do want to go back into the business but as a commentator. I would have to be Anthony Carelli because I don’t want to do commentary as Santino. I think there are going to be opportunities for me post-COVID with one of the major companies. I always want to go to WWE first because they changed my life and I’m loyal, but if they don’t have an opportunity, I’ll go somewhere else.”

Marella says that he was prepared to step away from wrestling at the time, and he never really enjoyed being a celebrity anyway.

“At the time, it was okay. I was totally at peace with stepping back and being a regular person. When I first started with the WWE, one of the things I didn’t anticipate not liking was kind of being a celebrity. I used to hate it when my friends would introduce me as Santino Marella from WWE, so I was ready to go back to being Anthony from the neighborhood again.”

Santino describes working with Vince McMahon in a very positive light and compliments him on his work ethic.

“I love Vince. Vince will put down what he’s doing, turn towards you, make eye contact and say ‘Tell me about yourself’. He’s listening and he means it. He would tell us that anytime we wanted to pitch something to knock on his door and come talk to him. Anytime I’ve ever done that it’s always been well received. Vince doesn’t know how much I look up to him. Now that I’m a business owner, I appreciate all that he does even more. He has the final say in everything, and yet he still finds time to workout and spend time with his family. He’s everything you should want to be.”

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