Samoa Joe Will Make WWE Main Roster Debut at WWE Roadblock


There is a rumor going around that Samoa Joe could be making his WWE debut as early as WWE Roadblock: End of the Line this Sunday.

Much like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe was on an elite list of great wrestlers who hadn’t performed inside a WWE ring. For years, it seemed that Vince McMahon simply wasn’t interested in him,Regardless of whether or not that is true, Joe has had a great run with NXT and became the first to win the NXT Championship twice, which is an important achievement.

Samoa Joe came into NXT as the brand was picking up significant speed and his run has brought it into a new era. Just like Kevin Owens or Finn Balor before him, Joe will leave NXT a much better place than when he arrived. The expectation is Samoa Joe’s run is over and his emergence onto WWE’s main roster is imminent.

There is no question that he’d be a great addition to Raw or SmackDown and his run in NXT was proven his worth to the WWE product. Obviously, WWE officials are going to give him a big first night. Many are expecting him to debut during the WWE Royal Rumble, but his moment may come much sooner.

There isn’t anything specific being rumored for him, but the rumor talks about Joe getting involved in the WWE Universal Championship match at the PPV between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. The belief is a feud with Reigns could be coming after Sunday.

Aside from Samoa Joe finally debuting on WWE’s main roster, a potential feud between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe for the United States Championship is something that would look great on paper for the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. Although the WWE Universe would cheer Joe heavily, he’d be able to transition from NXT as their top heel into a feud with one of WWE’s top faces in storyline. That would make things easy.

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