Samoa Joe On Working For Dixie Carter


During a recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Samoa Joe spoke on working for Dixie Carter in TNA. Here’s what he had to say:

As far as my opinion of Dixie Carter, she’s a wonderful woman. Great, great lady. She came in there and gave her all when it came to TNA and really took some risks. Some worked out, some didn’t. I say this, I don’t have anything bad to say about Dixie Carter. She helped me buy my first house, and they did good business by me. TNA, at the time, maybe not for everybody, but I know up until almost the very end there, business was always on point, checks were on time, and they did good by me. I don’t have a lot of the same negativity others may share because they did good by me and did good in my eyes.

You can listen HERE.

Credit: The Kurt Angle Show. H/T 411Mania.


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