Samoa Joe On Making His Return To The Ring At The WWE Greatest Royal Rumble


Samoa Joe spoke with the Saudi Gazette on the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble, traveling overseas, the WWE holding a show in Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the highlights:

Returning to the ring after being out of action since January:

“I’m dying to get back in the ring as I’ve been nursing an injury, so to be in Saudi Arabia and to be able to get all of those months of frustration out, well I’ll definitely be ready to go. It’s a return to the ring for me and it’s a debut for me in a new culture, so that’s two factors that mean I’m looking forward to it.”

Traveling overseas:

“Anytime I’ve traveled to the Middle East I’ve always experienced the very best in hospitality, they are some of the most kind and wonderful people I’ve had the chance to meet and I feel that Saudi Arabia shares those same qualities. I can’t wait to learn and experience things for the first time. No matter what your background or where you are from, the one thing we can all respect is when great athletes and great passion leads to great achievements. I think that sport is universally respected around the world.”

Having a global audience see Saudi Arabia enjoying the WWE:

“I think it’s absolutely necessary that we, the people in the West, do see that the everyday lives of people in Saudi Arabia. To see a Saudi family enjoying a night out and being able to see that no matter how much culturally different we might be we are still the same. I think it sends a powerful message. It puts a face on people, its puts a face on the region, and it’s a very different face than perhaps the one we are used to seeing through traditional media outlets. If we can help a fan in the West look over and say ‘Wow, they are not much different from us, they enjoy wrestling as much as we do,’ I think we’ve done a service. It’s my greatest hope that comes out of these efforts.”

Samoa Joe also discussed more on the Greatest Royal Rumble. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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