Sami Zayn Releases Video Statement Thanking Fans For Their Sami For Syria Donations, Says The Mobile Clinic Is Helping Over 100 Patients A Day


WWE superstar and former Intercontinental champion Sami Zayn released a video statement on his Twitter earlier this evening to once again thank fans for their financial donations to his Sami for Syria cause, which has led to a fully functional mobile clinic being set up in Syria.

Zayn reveals that the clinic is now operational and is already assisting over 100 patients a day.

As some of you will remember…in 2019 we set out to launch our second mobile clinic to provide medical care to eternally displaced civilians in Syria. Around Christmas time we were able to reach our financial goal and now I’m thrilled to be able to stand here and tell you that the mobile medical unit has been procured, it has been converted, it has been equipped, it has been fully stocked, and it is now operational. So the Sami for Syria mobile clinic is now up and running. Needless to say I am thrilled about this news…from what I understand it is seeing an average of 126 patients a day.

Of course I need to thank each and single everyone of you who donated. The clinic is the direct result of your donations. So every time I post a picture of the clinic, or I post a video of a doctor helping a child, or a man, or a woman, or an elderly person…I want you to realize that that is the direct result of your contribution. Not only do I want to thank you…I also want to implore you to continue to donate. The more money we raise the more medical services we can provide.

Check out his full statement below.

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