Sami Zayn On Not Being Excited To Return To Action


Sami Zayn was recently a guest on Y2J’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast. During the interview, he revealed that he isn’t particularly excited to return to the ring. Here’s what Zayn had to say:

On Not Being Excited To Return:

I know wrestling fans, maybe don’t want to hear this, but I’ve been loving being off. I think wrestling fans want to hear, ‘I can’t wait to be back and I miss everything.’ I don’t miss anything. I don’t miss it yet. I’m surprised by how little I’ve missed it. Five months and I don’t miss it. What’s up with that? Maybe I’m overstating my lack of desire to return. I do miss performing. Like you said, I’ve been doing this a super long time. We’re on the road a lot. You know how it is. I just know that when I’ll be back, I’ll really enjoy it. I’m not sitting there itching and clawing and I don’t know if my employer will want to hear that.

On How Imminent His Return Actually Is:

I’m not even close [to being cleared]. I need a few more months.

You can listen to the “Talk is Jericho” podcast featuring Sami Zayn below:


Credit: Talk is Jericho. H/T Wrestlezone

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