Ryback Talks about his Hell in a Cell match with CM Punk


Recently on Conversation With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about whether he ever associated Colt Cabana with the negative comments CM Punk made on Cabana’s podcast as well as his 2012 Hell In A Cell match against Punk.

According to Ryback, he never blamed Cabana for CM Punk’s comments on Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling podcast.

Additionally, Ryback explained that although the general consensus was his character set to receive a huge win over the Straight Edge Superstar, plans changed and Punk — who’d been in and out of Vince McMahon’s office all day — walked away as the victor.

Ryback remembers about the time CM Punk threw shade at him on Colt Cabana’s podcast; adding that he doesn’t begrudge the man and he did meet Cabana in person recently, with the latter apologizing to Ryback for Punk’s comments.

Ryback continued that he had no idea who was to win the HIAC matchup, and irrespective of the outcome, he had no leverage since he was relatively new to the main event scene in WWE and couldn’t force the WWE to have himself go over Punk, stating:

“It (the loss to Punk) started that whole (downward spiral) process for me where things didn’t exactly go my way. I just remember it did not feel right when they first told me what we were doing.”

“I don’t know (if the plan was ever for Ryback to go over) (and) you have no way of knowing. It could have been, but things there change all the time—100% (that night should have been the night Ryback went over).”

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