Ryback Addresses Rumors Of Him Joining AEW


Ryback recently sat down for an interview with “Comic Book Movie”. During the interview, Ryback was asked about rumors of AEW being interested in his services. Here’s what Ryback had to say:

Right now, my main priority is just getting healthy. I just had another shoulder scope yesterday which was my second one in two years. I’ve had ten stem cells procedures and I’ve got the eleventh coming up on February 11th. That, right now, is my main focus. I want to get as strong and healthy as possible and that will take a few months and then I can evaluate where I am physically and decide what route I want to go with wrestling. I have no doubt that no matter what I choose, it will be the right decision. After leaving WWE, I was hurt first and foremost and I’ve essentially saved my career and been blessed by the technology that we have with stem cells where I’ve avoided having five discs fused and a shoulder replacement. I was in a bad way so it looks like I’m going to have a second chance to actually have a new body and do what a lot of performers wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do. Where that’s at, I don’t know, and it honestly hasn’t crossed my mind yet because I need to get to a certain level health wise before I know I can push myself at a high level again.

Credit: Comic Book Games

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