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RVD Says He’s Looking Forward To Facing Sami Callihan, Talks IMPACT’s Resilience


IMPACT superstar and ECW legend Rob Van Dam was a recent guest on the 411 Wrestling podcast to talk about IMPACT’s resiliency, and how he’s looking forward to feuding with former world champion Sami Callihan. Highlights are below.

Says he’s looking forward to his matchup with Sami Callihan:

“Sami, I’m looking forward to my match with Sami. I’m a fan of his work, and I’m glad that we’ve got this thing going on. Yeah, I think that he is in Katie’s head. It’s easier to get into her head, she’s not as experienced as me. Also, not as headstrong as me. Headstrong, that Amazon plug [for his documentary]. And if Sami thinks he’s in my head, I think you should tell him that my foot’s gonna be in his face.”

IMPACT remaining resilient and recapturing company buzz:

“Yeah, there’s definitely been some movement. And at the same time, I think they also stick to certain characteristics that [make] them what they are, you know? Like some of the personality of the product hasn’t really gone anywhere, for better or worse. They’ve been around for so long, and since 2010 when I joined them the rest of the industry always was saying, ‘Oh, they’re not gonna be around. They’re gonna fold. They’re gonna lose their backers, they’re gonna lose their TV.’ And they’ve just always laughed at everybody, and just marched on forward. And I respect that. Just like any of us have to do, you know? I can look at comments on social media from some ignorant fans that have no idea how awesome it is to be RVD. I saw a comment yesterday that made me laugh. Someone saw the promo that I did for Celebrity Slots, and they said, ‘RVD is trying anything, he’s desperately grasping at anything to remain relevant. And what can you do but just laugh, because you know how funny it is, and just keep on doing what you’re doing? And that’s what Impact has always done since I’ve been around. And they’re as strong as ever.”

Check out the full interview below. (Transcribed by 411 Mania)

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