Rusev to undergo surgery


Big Show and Rusev went one-on-one in an impromptu match at last week’s WWE Fastlane pay-per-view, immediately following the dissolution of Rusev’s partnership with Jinder Mahal. Despite Rusev getting in a few hits here and there the match was largely one-sided, but it was the finish that struck a chord with a number of fans. Big Show hit Rusev with three chokeslams before hitting the Bulgarian with the KO punch as Rusev was motionless in the corner.

The nature of the finish led many to believe that Rusev was being punished, and the initial rumour stated that the punishment was being dished out because Rusev took it upon himself to cut his hair and subsequently change his look. Big Show’s revelation changes this, however, and if Rusev is indeed going under the knife then the Fastlane match may well become a little easier for fans to swallow.

Rusev himself also mentioned on Instagram that he won’t be lifting weights for the foreseeable future, which ties in with Big Show’s surgery claim. With Big Show heading towards a showcase spot in what may well be his final WrestleMania and Rusev not marked out for anything important, a decisive win for Big Show at Fastlane may well have been the right move in the end.

Until either WWE or Rusev himself come out to confirm the surgery it will remain conjecture, but the pieces of the puzzle are coming together to suggest that there is truth behind the giant’s supposed words. Rusev has been a bit-part player at best in WWE in 2017, with many fans frustrated at the lack of spotlight on a man with so much talent.

If he is indeed to undergo surgery the time away from the ring could do wonders for Rusev’s presentation and see him return later in the year with renewed vigour and momentum.

Handsome Rusev is one of our favourites here at Sportskeeda and as such we wish the Bulgarian Brute all the best if he is indeed undergoing surgery soon. Whilst it is frustrating for the man who came out at WrestleMania 31 on a tank to miss the Show of Shows this year, Rusev could be a long term star for WWE if the company plays its cards right.

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