Rusev Talks Being Unhappy With Aiden English Split, Frustrations With The Company


Rusev and Lana were the most recent guests on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, where the Bulgarian Brute opened up about some frustrations he’s had with the WWE over the past few years, including the company’s decision to split up the Rusev Day team with him and Aiden English.

They had different visions. Management had different visions and we fought and fought. If it ain’t broke, there’s nothing to fix. I keep going back to last WrestleMania because I just watched WWE 24 and the whole weekend, the whole month, was all about Rusev Day, and people singing. Top selling merch and everything.

On whether or not they’ll reunite Rusev and English.

We’re way past that now. He’s an announcer at 205 Live now. I am whatever we are and we’ve got to move on. I told her a few months ago that nobody cares about it. We need to do something else. She said, ‘No, no, no,’ but we need to move on.

Rusev would go on, discussing ways he would try and pitch ideas and continue to get denied by WWE.

I do want to look my best. I do want to be at my best. I want to be WWE Champion. I want to be on top. I don’t want to be forgotten, but that’s what irks me. I do all these things and nothing changes and that’s where the frustration comes, ‘What am I supposed to do?’ I cut my hair, I did that. That wasn’t a good decision [laughter]. I got a few phone calls about it. No, [they did not like it]. I’m just trying something to catch Vince’s eye. We go to pitch, to talk. It never comes to anything….it was last year before WrestleMania when the whole Rusev Day thing started. I thought it was my time and I keep pushing for it to be my time. I keep talking to everybody, but nobody wants to do anything. It’s very frustrating, but still, as frustrating as it is, ‘Let’s go to the gym. Let’s get better. Let’s do whatever we can. Let’s get this meal plan or let’s get a trainer. Let’s try freaking cross fit.’ Holy crap cross fit! It’s terrible, but I’m doing that now. Anything so that I can look better. I don’t know what’s holding me back, to be honest. I really don’t.

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