Rusev haircut an issue


Rusev got a haircut. He took to social media to share the look with his fans. However, things are not always so simple in WWE. Management has peculiar ways with certain things. Performers are not allowed to make drastic changes without permission. There are a couple of reasons for that. Sometimes, it is about merchandise that is on the shelves. Other times, management wants to approve of the look first. World Wrestling Entertainment officials feel that thy know what is marketable for their performers.

Rusev backstage heat

Rumors swirl all the time about behind the scenes issues in WWE. The belief is that Rusev was dominated by Big Show at Fastlane as punishment. However, this would not be the first time there is backstage heat on Rusev. Interestingly enough, the previous incident involved social media as well. Lana had revealed to fans that she and Rusev were getting married. World Wrestling Entertainment did not appreciate that because it might have affected their on screen stories. Lana and Rusev kept working as the rumors continued. They made it through that situation. So, the belief is that they should make it through this one as well.

Rusev at Wrestlemania 33

If there really is backstage heat on Rusev, now is a really bad time. WWE rumors are suggesting that the former United States Heavyweight Champion might miss Wrestlemania 33. World Wrestling Entertainment already has a pretty stacked card. Rusev would have had a hard time of getting on the pay per view card anyways. If management is really upset with him about the haircut, then he would be lucky to get a spot in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. Rusev virtually has zero chance of being in a singles match. Unless, WWE wanted to punish him again.

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