Rumor on Possible WWE Royal Rumble Appearances, Rumble Match Stream, Tatanka – Bray Wyatt Photo


– The WWE YouTube channel has been live-streaming 5 full Royal Rumble matches today. As of this writing, the stream has around 32,000 live viewers. You can watch below:

– WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, Bray Wyatt and The Velveteen dream have been discussed as possible Royal Rumble Match surprises for Sunday, according to a report from @Wrestlvotes. There’s no confirmation on their appearances but they have been discussed in talks for the past few weeks. It’s worth noting that Angle returned to the ring at a live event last weekend, losing a singles match to Baron Corbin.

– Speaking of Wyatt, it looks like he has dropped some weight as he prepares for a WWE TV return. As seen below, former WWE Superstar Tatanka tweeted a photo with Wyatt from the gym. Tatanka is also teasing a possible Rumble appearance on Sunday. You can see his tweets below:

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