Ruby Soho explains why she turned her back on AEW originals and joined the ex-WWE stars


Ruby Soho surprised the wrestling world when she turned heel on Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker this past weekend at AEW Revolution. Ruby humiliated them with spray paint and walked out as allies with Saraya and Toni Storm.

On tonight’s (Mar. 8) episode of Dynamite, Ruby explained her actions. She joined up with the ex-WWE stars because Tony Khan, the fans, and the AEW originals are entitled little shits who didn’t appreciate their efforts to build up the AEW women’s division:

Ruby told a pretty darn good story here, calling back to the time when AEW fans booed her out of the building after she beat AEW original Kris Statlander in a tournament match. She also cited Tony Khan insulting Toni Storm by calling her an interim champion for the duration of her reign with the gold. Finally, Ruby called out the fans for immediately turning their backs on Saraya like a bunch of hypocritical trolls after pretending that they actually wanted her to come out of retirement.

Soho cemented her new attitude after defeating AEW original Skye Blue in singles action. Ruby’s former tag team partner Willow Nightingale came out to stop Saraya and Storm from spray painting Blue after the match. This led to Soho turning on Nightingale too, with all three heels beating her down and giving her the spray paint treatment.

AEW commentators used the word “war” to describe the conflict between Saraya’s group and the AEW originals. Will this be the angle that culminates in the 2023 Blood and Guts match?

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