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Roxanne Perez Names Her WWE WarGames Dream Team


WWE NXT star Roxanne Perez was a guest on El Brunch de WWE last week to talk about a wide range of topics. 

WWE will have two WarGames matches at Survivor Series. This is where she named who would be her dream team for such a match. You can check out some highlights below (per Fightful):

Who her WarGames dream team would be:

“Well, I would have chosen Cora, but she lost that now. But I would choose Indi Hartwell, I would chose Becky Lynch. This is hard. Like any wrestlers? Me, Becky Lynch, Indi Hartwell, I’ll choose AJ Lee [laughs] and one more, I would choose Bayley.”

Her goals in WWE:

“My dream was always to be a Divas Champion when I was a kid. So maybe if this is possible, if I am Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion at the same time [laughs]. WrestleMania, too.”

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