Ronda Rousey Talks Her Viral Promo Video, Explains Fastlane Actions, Lists Her Favorite Heels


On the latest episode of Ronda on the Road, Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey explains her Fastlane involvement, which helped Becky Lynch secure a victory and turned the Raw championship matchup into a triple-threat. Rousey claims that Lynch most certainly would have submitted to Charlotte’s Figure-8, and she didn’t want any more excuses for “The Man” to not receive the beating she deserves at the show of shows.

I saw that Charlotte was going to put the Figure 8 on Becky, and no ones ever gotten out of that. Becky received the first actual beating she’s ever gotten in her life this past Monday and so I wouldn’t put it past her to throw the match so she could try and save face and be like ‘oh my knee was hurting.’ I saved her fragile face for a reason ya know? I wanted her to be able to be at Wrestlemania and get the first head-to-toe ass beating of her lifetime.

Rousey also stated say that she doesn’t care what the fans want…helping Lynch was something that she wanted.

Later in the episode, Rousey and her entourage discuss her promo breaking kayfabe that went viral. When asked about it, Rousey says that any other superstar who did that would have been fired, and that’s what angers fans.

Yeah…well I think they would have gotten fired. Maybe it’s the double-standard that’s pissing people off.

Rousey would then refer to herself as a heel, and because she acknowledges it, names a few of her favorite current heels, which includes Stephanie McMahon.

And now that I’m a heel, I can openly profess my love to all the heels that I love. Here’s the list of some of the heels that I love. I love you Liv Morgan. I love you Sarah Logan. I love you Ruby Riott…and I love you Stephanie McMahon. I can’t go down the whole list…I’ll probably ruin everything. Everyone’s all mad.

Check out the full episode below.

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