Ronda Rousey On Her Feud With Nia Jax, Asuka Winning At TLC & More


Ronda Rousey posted another Q&A to her Youtube page recently. During the Q&A, she spoke on her feud with Nia Jax, how she thinks Asuka should feel about winning at TLC thanks to her and her reaction to the Raw after TLC. Here are the highlights:

On Raw After TLC:

I proposed that we start a new tradition and that is defending the title the night after the PPV. Everyone on the roster wanted to fight me and Stephanie decided to have a gauntlet match to decide who would fight me next week. It was cool to see the women have a large portion of the show and the main event. It was entertaining and Nattie just went on a crazy winning streak and won the whole thing. I am really proud of her but now we have to fight each other next week.

On her feud with Nia:

I know she had a rough day at TLC. I think she is taking some time to heal. Her fight did not go that well. I don’t know where we stand. I consider our issues resolved. She is a unique opponent because she is much stronger than I am. I think it created an interesting matchup. Nia is a great matchup for me because she makes me feel more capable than ever in WWE.

Of If Asuka Should Feel That Her Victory At TLC Was Cheapened By Rousey’s Interference:

She doesn’t owe me anything and if she has any doubts then all she needs to do is defend it successfully.

You can catch the full Ronda Rousey Q&A below:

H/T Wrestlezone.

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