Ronda Rousey Comments on the McGregor/Nurmagomedov Brawl at UFC 229


The brawl between Khabib Normamgomedov, Connor McGregor and countless others at UFC 229 made waves across multiple platforms. Ronda Rousey recently spoke with TMZ on a variety of subjects, including her thoughts on the brawl itself. Here are the excerpts.

Her Thoughts On Whether This Fight Well Promoted In the Right Way:

I understand promoting fights and having to sell them. I really do. But, I don’t think people have to get arrested in order to do that. I think I’ve been able to prove that you can make a fight exciting and make people really wanna see it without crossing any legal lines.

Rousey On The Bus Incident:

I think that Khabib jumping out of the Octagon was not as bad as throwing objects at a bus, because my friend Rose Namajunas was on that bus. My friend Michael Chiesa missed his fight because [he got cut by the glass].

On Whether Khabib Deserved To Be Punished:

I think, if you’re gonna draw the line there, you should have drawn it before that. I just feel like there has to be equal treatment all the way across the board. I don’t think that anyone should get special treatment because they’re a bigger draw.

I would be much more strict about everything. I say you get popped for steroids once, you’re banned for life. You know, but then again I’m not the promoter of a multi-million dollar organization. It’s just you have to think about, you know, from their perspective when is it not worth it anymore? I don’t want the company to be prioritizing this quarter over the next 10 years. I don’t want it to get to the point where people are not buying tickets to go see fights live, because they are afraid of what could happen in the arena.

You can read the full TMZ interview HERE

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