Roman Reigns thought WWE would replace him with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 31



During his appearance on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, Roman Reigns explained that he strongly believed WWE would replacement him with Daniel Bryan in the main event at WrestleMania 31 against Brock Lesnar because of how much Bryan was over with the fans.

“I just felt like Bryan and his momentum and it was just going to happen to me and then we went into [WWE] Fastlane [2015],” Reigns admitted. “I don’t believe in just one guy. I don’t! I’m a team guy. I’m a football guy. That’s the background I come from.”

He then talked about Brock Lesnar and if he was worried about Lesnar’s style.

“It’s WrestleMania. It’s Brock Lesnar,” Reigns continued. “He threw me around like a rag doll just like he does and I hit hard and I hit often just like I do. It was really neat and if we never do it again, I’m happy with that. I’m happy with that. My body finally feels okay from that, but it took a while, man. It really did.”

To check out the whole show, click here.

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