Roman Reigns Names His Favorite Superstars To Spear, Compares His Version With Goldberg’s


In a recent interview with Fox Sports WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns discussed his favorite opponents to deliver his signature spear to, then compares his version of the maneuver with WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg’s. Highlights are below.

How Miro (fka Rusev) took the move like a champ:

I did it [best] on two people. I ran down the ramp, I think at SummerSlam, and speared Rusev. I think that’s all I did. What a great night. Just come out at SummerSlam, just spear a guy, and then hit the bar after. So, that one was pretty wide open. Any time I can get a really big run and launch. I will say though, Rusev was really good. We had good timing as far as in the ring, I always had good chemistry with him to where I could come off the ropes, take one step, launch and dart across the ring and he knew just the perfect height to lift up, open up for me. So, yeah, we did that thing all over the world. Those were good times.

Says AJ Styles take the move well but recalls a time where he almost hurt the Phenomenal One:

He’s probably gonna be the best at taking it because I messed it up, AJ [Styles]. AJ, I don’t know, some of the guys can cop the flip. Buddy Murphy copped a flip. I’m sure Seth. All these guys can cop a flip. But, in order to know, you have to hit ‘em and kinda ricochet off of them and kind of do a bit of a barrel roll to allow them to get that flip right. Because I didn’t know AJ was going to do that. So when I hit him with a spear, I was still wrapped around him, and I kinda stopped him from rotating and he completely landed on his neck. It was not my fault. I did not know this. It looked rough, but I know he could have easily copped that flip and made it look crazy. I just was not on the same page. Luckily, the match was over.

Compares the move to that of Goldberg’s:

There’s always this debate to the spear. ‘Well, you don’t do it like Goldberg,’ and like …. that’s ‘cause I’m a really good performer. I do it like I do it. So, I do a launch and make it very aesthetic. I’m not on the gridiron. If I want to push somebody’s organs through their spine, I can do that. There’s no problem. Easy. 6’3, 265, I’ll run through your ass. But, I try to launch it and make it look as Superman-esque as possible, like you’re flying, darting through the air.

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