Roman Reigns To Face The Undertaker For ‘WrestleMania’?


WWE rumors suggest that two of the biggest superstars that wrestling has ever seen will be facing off against one another during WrestleMania. It was hinted at during last night’s Raw, of course, and would be one of the biggest matches that WrestleMania has ever seen.

That’s the word according to Sky Sports, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that, after last night’s Raw, Roman Reigns and the Undertaker will face off against one another at WrestleMania.

“The Undertaker and Roman Reigns look poised for a WrestleMania 33 showdown following a confrontation on Monday Night Raw which ended with The Big Dog being chokeslammed. The Phenom and Reigns went face to face in Chicago – Reigns saying ‘This is my yard now’ to the veteran – and then stared at the WrestleMania sign. Taker had the final say, though, flooring the former Shield man and all-but guaranteeing that the two would face off in Orlando on Sunday, April 2.”

Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE rumors from Forbes, there’s another reason for Roman Reigns detractors to hate the “Big Dog.” He was thought to be wrestling in a $595 pair of sneakers by high fashion house Balenciaga.

It’s not unusual for brands to sponsor famous people of all types — especially celebrities of such a high caliber as Roman Reigns — but it’s unusual for a wrestler to get an endorsement of that magnitude. Naturally, because it’s Roman Reigns, he’s going to get some hate and some name-calling for his new endorsement.

“Reigns, who defeated Braun Strowman at WWE Fastlane last night, debuted a new pair of sneakers, which some fans initially thought to be the trendy Balenciaga Speed Knits. The fashionable black-and-white, stretch-knit high-top trainers currently retail at Barneys New York for $595.”

However, it was later revealed that the shoes were actually much cheaper.

“However sneaker website Kicks on Fire later confirmed that Reigns was wearing the SFB 6 Canvas boots, which currently retail for $130. Per usual, Twitter immediately zeroed in on an otherwise minor detail of Reigns’ ring gear, making his shoe choice an overnight sensation. Reigns’ ability to get wrestling fans talking is uncanny. The concept of WWE’s top babyface being such a polarizing figure is the subject of public diaries and philosophical Wikipedia pages. It’s very possible that Reigns’ posh update to his wardrobe could be The Big Dog simply provoking his haters.”

Finally, the latest WWE rumors from The Mirror suggest that the choice for Roman Reigns to fight against The Undertaker was one that was months in the making, and one that was made, ultimately, by The Undertaker himself.

Some wrestling experts view this match as a chance for The Undertaker to pass down the torch to Roman Reigns.

“A WrestleMania 33 meeting between The Undertaker and Roman Reigns is ON after Monday night’s WWE Raw in Chicago. The event ended in dramatic circumstances, with Braun Strowman calling Reigns into the ring to exact revenge on him for what happened at Fastlane just 24 hours earlier. Strowman then left before Reigns’ entrance music boomed around the Allstate Arena and he entered the ring to confront The Undertaker. ‘Braun wasn’t calling you out here, Deadman, he called me,’ Reigns said to The Undertaker. ‘So with all due respect, this is my yard now.’”

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