Roger Federer’s ‘evil neighbors’ take sides against his villa on the lake in Zurich


Roger Federer was a guest at Wimbledon, where he attended the matches of Elena Rybakina and Andy Murray from the Royal Box at Centre Court, together with his wife Mirka and the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton.

The Swiss tennis legend built a luxurious villa on the shores of Lake Zurich. The brand new home of the Swiss Maestro comprises six buildings and covers an area of 18,000 square meters.

In 2019, Federer acquired the land to build his dream home on it, a gathering place for his entire family.

The construction of the villa has led to some controversy among some local residents, as it has created obstacles along the footpath that runs alongside the lake.

Federer had to deal with some complications which slowed down the construction work. Given the colossal size of the house and the land it stands on, many local residents have maliciously dubbed the house Federer Town. The villa should cost a small fortune when completed.

Roger Federer: ‘”Last year gave me so much suffering”

Roger Federer wrote the history of tennis, mainly on the lawns of Wimbledon.

Here he has won eight times and he did it showing an extraordinary tennis to say the least: the public loves him and remembers him with great affection, on Tuesday he received an award ceremony and many acclaimed him on the centre-back.

Roger, next to his wife Mirka and the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, an iconic shot which at the same time left regret in those fans who hoped last year to see him again on the court at Wimbledon. The tennis player has given a long interview to CNN in these hours and has dealt with many topics, and here are his words: “When I came here last year to celebrate the centenary, I hadn’t yet decided to officially retire.

The knee situation got worse and as time went on I had to make this decision. At the time I knew that hypothesis wasn’t impossible but I remember talking to people on the court and telling them I wanted to continue playing, maybe I wanted to be here now on the court at Wimbledon.

These are words that I said from the heart, I really meant it. I thought so much about where I was going to retire, I knew it was going to be painful. In the end I think it was special: I was surrounded by legends of this sport and I’m glad it went like this, also because I was scared in those moments.

But now I feel good, last year was very hard, I tried several times to return but I felt too much pain in my knee.”

Finally Roger returned to a trip he made on behalf of his foundation in Lesotho, where he gave hope to the local children: “It was special, even more than usual because my mother, Mirka and my four children.

We had a great time, I’ve never been to Lesotho before and it was a great experience.”

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