The Rock reveals how he stays ripped in incredible video


WWE Champion in a gym as he ties up his shoelaces and prepares to throw himself into a training session.The legend tells us: “Blood, sweat and respect.

“The first two you give. The last one you earn.

“Let’s get out and earn it. Daily.”

The 44-year-old superstar then launches into a series of punishing exercises using a wide range of super-heavy and ultra-light equipment.

WWE star The Rock lifts weights and sweats at the gym in a fitness video
As heavy metal music plays, the 118kg (260lbs) muscleman starts with some abs work by jumping into the plank position for what seems like an eternity before whipping out a rubber training band for some high reps obliques work.The San Andreas actor then chalks up his hands and hits the weights, lifting an increasing load until he’s chest pressing 200kg on a bench.After a quick drink break, the legend then grabs a gigantic chain and fights gravity to achieve a series of tricep dips with the heavy-duty material weighing him down.

The clip ends with the star panting heavily as streams of sweat flow from his forehead.

WWE Champion and movie star The Rock in video

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