Rocco Mediate on the US Open final with Tiger Woods and the lesson he learned


One of the most interesting duels on the golf scene took place between Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods. The 2008 US Open was won by Tiger Woods in the final round of the tournament. In spite of the fact that he suffered a defeat in this match, Mediate often recalls this match in his mind. In his opinion, that day was one of the most valuable experiences of his life. There seem to have been a lot of memories associated with this experience.

“It was one of those things where I learned so much about my whole life of golf in that one day,” Mediate says, as quoted by 

“Not the week, just that day with him.

I love talking about it, it doesn’t bother me at all.”

During his career, Tiger Woods played many matches, and this was one of the most significant matches of his career. Woods was always willing to do his best in order to win the trophy and show his abilities in the right way as soon as he had the opportunity. In fact, this is precisely why he is one of the biggest names in the golf industry. Tiger has left a lot of memories behind him, as well as many trophies and interesting moments in his life. We look forward to seeing him at big tournaments in the near future and hope that he will be able to return.

WM Phoenix Open

As part of the discussion, the WM Phoenix Open was one of the topics. It is worth mentioning that Mediate won the competition in 1999. The tournament, according to Mediate, was much more important at that time than it appears to be today.

“Back then, it was more of a golf tournament,” Mediate says. 

“I think it’s a joke myself [now]. It’s when people get in your office and mess with you, that’s the problem with me.”

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