Robsport Helps You Embrace Sustainability With Repairing Your Tech Suit


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Courtesy of Robsport.nl, a SwimSwam partner.

Most swimmers know the devastating feeling of putting on your beloved tech suit and ripping the fabric or even noticing corroded
seams due to wear and tear from use. Luckily the days of throwing your ripped or torn tech suit away are over! The Repair Service
can repair all defects of your tech suit according to the original procedure.

Please see below a list of everything that can be repaired:

  • tears in the fabric
  • loose corroded seams
  • detached brand & Fina logo’s
  • gusset repair
  • customizing tech suits for Paralympic swimmers

Besides the benefits the Repair Service offers to you as a swimmer, it is also a great initiative in terms of sustainability! Did you
know? Robsport Repair Service is committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), promoting responsible
consumption, reducing waste and mitigating climate impact. For example:

SDG 14: life below water: the Repair Service champions sustainable practices by extending the lifespan of tech suits. This not only
reduces the need for new materials but also minimizes resource extraction from terrestrial ecosystems, promoting responsible
usage. Furthermore, it avoids the purchase of a brand new tech suit when your current suit is still good for use #money value

SDG 12: responsible consumption and production: the repair service promotes responsible consumption and production by
extending the lifespan of tech suits, reducing waste, and aligning with a circular economy model. It emphasizes reuse, repair and
recycling, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production approach!

SDG 10: reduced inequalities: the Repair Service makes it possible for swimmers to access affordable repair solutions rather than
replacing tech suits. This promotes inclusivity by ensuring that a wider range of swimmers can afford to maintain and use their tech suits.

For additional information regarding the Repair Service and its sustainability compliances, please contact [email protected]
Furthermore, concerning the use of repaired products during the competition we refer to Articles and of the WACR

We have some good news for swimmers in the USA with ripped or torn tech suits: a new, quick and much easier way to send your
repairs to the Repair Service. And one of the best benefits: no international shipping restrictions!

Swim West is an official Repair Service Dealer in the USA with locations in Encinitas and San Diego.

How does the Repair Service process work?

  1. Go to swimwestusa.com and click on ‘Tech Suit Repair’
  2. Chose your specific suit and fill out the form
  3. Fill out the sheet
  4. Send the sheet with your tech suit to Swim West USA, only domestic shipping costs are included
  5. Wait for a phone call or price quote and Swim West takes care of the rest!

SwimSwam: Robsport Helps You Embrace Sustainability With Repairing Your Tech Suit

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