Rob Van Dam Talks How It Feels To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame


Rob Van Dam made an appearance on the latest episode of WWE After The Bell to talk with podcast host Corey Graves about a wide range of topics.
During it, he talked about how he feels being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“It feels like it’s some credibility that can’t be taken away. Everything is up for opinion. The whole idea of a good anything is subjective, so this takes the place of a lot of that by at least saying the standard setters see it this way, so, to me, when I think about it, it’s got to be better than winning any world championships, because I don’t imagine everybody that ever gets to hold a world championship is probably as impactful on everybody’s lives. Probably not every champion is going to be as memorable, and maybe not every single person that spent some time as a champion is going to be a legend that people are going to remember.
So, I think that this is an even higher prestige, being in the Hall of Fame with all the superstars that influenced me and inspired me when I was growing up, and a lot of the great talent that I was wrestling with all along the way throughout my journey. It’s great to be considered by the WWE Universe to be worthy. For the last several years, when I would get interviewed, or even just talk to fans, they would often say, ‘Future Hall of Famer’. Really, just that they saw me as that worthy, was good enough, so I didn’t really didn’t know if this was going to happen or not, being actually inducted. Having Vince McMahon, and also Hunter, officiate and credit everything that I’ve done as a body of my career is awesome.”

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