Rob Gronkowski’s Storyline Details Revealed


Before Rob Gronkowski was granted his release last week, the plans were for him to have three main appearances throughout the year.

Gronkowski was supposed to be a part of WrestleMania as a host, which did end up happening despite the coronavirus pandemic, and win the 24/7 title. Then, he was supposed to be a “hometown hero” for SummerSlam in the town of Boston. This decision was obviously made before he signed on to play for Tampa Bay. Lastly, he was scheduled to be an outside attraction at the Saudi Arabia event later this year. However, once Gronkowski signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they told him he could not wrestle and play for them at the same time.

WWE and Gronk worked out a deal that allowed him to be released from his contract. This resulted in WWE quickly taping a segment that saw R-Truth roll-up Gronk from behind and win back the 24/7 title so that he could be done with the company. WWE included a clause in his release agreement that forbids him from appearing for any other wrestling company during the terms of his original contract.


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