Rob Gronkowski sends another cryptic tweet about WWE


Rob Gronkowski continues to tease Patriots fans with his Twitter feed. On Saturday and Monday, the star tight end tweeted cryptic messages, both of which appear to allude to his undecided future plans. Gronkowski has not committed to playing football next season, telling reporters after the Super Bowl he will take some time to flesh out his decision.

But with NFL free agency beginning in three weeks, Gronkowski will likely have to make a choice soon. He’s reportedly been engaged in conversations with the WWE, which makes sense, considering Gronk appeared at WrestleMania last year. One of his best friends, Mojo Rawley, is a WWE superstar.

On Tuesday morning, Gronkowski tweeted an article from his promotional website, Gronk Nation, that features Rawley talking about how the Gronkowski family got him involved in professional wrestling. Rawley, who first befriended two of the older Gronkowski boys, Chris and Dan, was getting ready to join the financial sector after college. But Gordy Gronkowski, who’s referred to as “Papa Gronk” in the story, introduced Rawley to former WWE wrestler Mike “I.R.S” Rotunda. Shortly thereafter, Rotunda placed some calls, and landed Rawley an interview. The rest is history. It’s a touching fairy tale.

In the interview with ABC15 in Arizona, Rawley also talks about the differences between the WWE and professional football. Interestingly enough, this portion made it into the Gronk Nation writeup.

“We’re on the road five days a week, traveling, flights, long drives every day. It’s really the travel that will beat you up,” Rawley said. “It’s not like football where you can hang on to those nagging injuries or postpone surgery for a month or two until the offseason, and you have this long break to come back brand-new. We don’t get that luxury here. It’s about maintaining and just finding ways to be able to show up every day in one piece and get the job done.”

Of course, if Gronkowski were to join the WWE, it’s unlikely he would maintain a regular schedule. At most, it appears as if Gronk would sign up for a few appearances per year at the company’s biggest events.

In terms of negotiating with the Patriots, Gronkowski’s enigmatic tweets almost certainly mean very little. But they’re keeping the public on its toes. Gronkowski appears to be enjoying this game of wait and see.


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