Road Warrior Animal Rips Becky Lynch Again


Road Warrior Animal ruffled feathers when he took to his “What A Rush” podcast to state that Becky Lynch should stay away from calling herself “the man” and that wrestling would be worse off with women headlining.

Both Becky Lynch and Tyler Breeze took to Twitter to hit back immediately:

Well, Animal isn’t retracting a single thing that he said. Instead, he doubled down on a recent episode of “What A Rush”. Here are some of the highlights:

On Becky Not Being Accomplished Enough To be Critical Of Him:

First of all, Becky Lynch needs to get over herself, first and foremost. When Becky Lynch can achieve what I’ve achieved in the sport of pro wrestling, then she can call me out. Other than that, she has not earned her stripes to call me out. I just want to make that perfectly clear and I don’t think anybody in the wrestling world will have any objection to that.

On Feeling That People Only Focused On The Negative Remarks He Made:

So, Becky, where’s the compliment in saying that you’re the hottest female? Where’s the compliment of saying the women stole the show at WrestleMania, at TLC, and so on?

On Not Appreciating Becky’s Tweet:

If Becky Lynch is going to try to even have a comeback against a multi-time Hall Of Famer and what I’ve done in this business – she’s won one belt in her life and that’s the WWE belt. Hawk and I won 22 different championships in 22 different companies, come on. I’ve wrestled people all over this world, not just in WWE. I’m not putting down Becky, but when you get the kind of stroke that I’ve had in this business and when you’ve laid the kind of foundation that I have for her even to have a job today, then you can call someone out. I’m not trying to be derogatory right now, but I’m just trying to be blunt honest.

On Becky Needing To Get Over Herself:

Basically she just needs to get over herself and realize that this is the entertainment business. People are gonna have an opinion; good bad, indifferent, medium, down the line, whatever and I gave her more compliments than I did negative. If she just wants to pull out the little negative thing and let the positive things go by the wayside. That’s exactly how I feel about it.

On Current Wrestlers Needing To Have Thicker Skin:

If someone wants to hang her hat on one little comment, as compared to ten positives, I rest my case. They are thinking about their own ego, rather than the big picture. If I were to be so worried about anything that anyone said about Hawk & I in our day – are you kidding me? I would have jumped off the fricking Missouri River Highway in St. Louis years ago, if I would have been worried about anything negative anyone ever said about us.

On Tyler Breeze & His Previous Comments:

This is for your Tyler Breeze. Put your 180 pound ego aside. I’m sorry if you don’t like to hear me say that. Here’s the thing. You and Fandango were great together, an entertaining tag team. It’s not my fault, nor anyone else’s fault that WWE uses you guys as a couple of job guys and that’s exactly what they do. They give you a win here or there and then they smoke you for a year. That’s exactly what they do to those guys and if anyone thinks that he’s gonna take the Intercontinental Belt off of anybody they’re sadly mistaken. There’s no way they’re gonna do it. Now if they give him a serious push and give him win after win after win and give him some steam, well then yes, of course, people will get behind him.

Tyler, the 180 pound thing was a figure of speech. You are one of the smaller guys in a big big man’s business. I’m not being mean. That’s just the way the average fan – here’s the thing I look at the wrestling business the way an average fan looks at the business and what I’m telling you right now is what every fan out there thinks about. When you’ve got guys like Sheamus and you’ve got guys like Rusev and you’ve got guys like fricken [Braun] Strowman in there, well what do you think they think when they see a guy like Tyler. It’s nothing against Tyler. Daniel Bryan is a smaller guy and he is great and I’m not saying Tyler is not great. I did say they’re great. I loved him and Fandango together, but without them two together nobody really knows them individually anymore. It would be like separating New Day and calling them by their individual names. When you get associated with a team, it’s better off staying with a team. That was my point. It wasn’t a cut on Tyler. Check your ego. You guys know it’s the entertainment business. You work for WWE, an entertainment company. It wasn’t a dig on Tyler. Come on, give me a break. These little people getting their panties in a bunch about this stuff is really getting old. They need to get a backbone and not get so sensitive when someone makes a comment. You got to not take this thing way too serious. It’s the entertainment business. People are gonna give you comments left and right.

You can listen to the “What A Rush” podcast by clicking HERE

Credit: What A Rush Podcast. H/T Wrestlezone

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