Road Warrior Animal Has Harsh Criticism Of How The WWE Tag Team Division Is Being Booked


Road Warrior Animal was a recent guest on “Chairshots to the Cranium”. During the interview, he tore into the current state of the WWE tag team division:

What you see they have a habit of in tag team wrestling today, they don’t establish who the top dog tag team is and they don’t ever establish who the heel team is. Listen, everybody can not be equal… That’s not life. That’s not reality. That’s not tag team wrestling. You’re always gonna have one team that reigns supreme and you’re gonna have one team that’s not as good as the other ones. That would be like us having matches against, let’s say, The Midnight Express for example and them beating us and go back and forth. You can’t have that because of the eyes of the people. The fans are so smart; they realize the difference. They started off with The Revival being strong and now they kill them. They started off with The Ascension, which was the biggest mistake WWE made in the last twenty years, because once you start talking about Hawk & I, you kill yourselves. You can’t say you’re tough guys and you’re not. Listen, Hawk and I were literally two street fighters that learned how to wrestle. You can’t go in there and be a wrestler and make pretend that you’re a bad ass. It’s not gonna work….it’s gotta be bred into you. You just can’t develop it. It’s gotta be an instinct….even the Authors of Pain, yes they just beat one guy, Seth Rollins, to become tag team champions, but what had they done before that? They’ve gotten beat. You can’t keep beating teams and then having them get a token win every now and then. You’ve got to establish who’s the dominant guys and there’s no real team that stands out as being the dominant team today. That’s the problem….You get over with the fans by winning…..You have to establish the teams. There has to be a pecking order, OK this is the top of the food chain. Who’s gonna climb that ladder to equal the top of the food chain? You’ve got to have that.

The full episode of the “Chairshots to the Cranium” podcast can be viewed below:

Credit: Chairshots to the Cranium. H/T Wrestlezone.

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