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Randy Orton is now the official winner of the 2017 Royal Rumble and fans are already making guesses as to who the Viper will choose as his title shot at Wrestlemania 33. One of the most exciting aspects of this particular time in the WWE is that Randy Orton will have plenty of challengers to choose from for Wrestlemania 33.

According to Fox Sports, Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg are some of the best candidates to face Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 33. Brock Lesnar has unfinished business with Orton and could grab the Universal Championship from Kevin Owens. A match between Lesnar and Orton already has some history behind it and would be an easy sell at Wrestlemania 33.

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The other name is Bill Goldberg. The two have never faced each other and the WWE could pull off a shocker and have Orton face Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33. While a Goldberg vs. Randy Orton Wrestlemania match is really sellable and obviously extremely intriguing, it is going to be a long shot due to the fact that Lesnar has already challenged Bill Goldberg to one final match at Wrestlemania 33.

The most logical Wrestlemania 33 match for Orton would be John Cena. The two obviously have some history together and are legends in their own rights. John Cena is nearing the end of his career and having a match with Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 33 is a good way to enhance the final years of his amazing career.

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One big problem with this whole scenario is AJ Styles. The WWE is grooming the wrestler to be the face of Smackdown and having him headline at Wrestlemania 33 is a must. The John Cena and AJ Styles feud have a lot of potential and it would be a crying shame to end it abruptly. There is a good chance that the WWE will still continue with John Cena Vs. AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 33 so as not to stop any of Styles momentum.

This leaves Orton with another possible dance partner for Wrestlemania 33, and that is Kevin Owens. While the bigger possibility is for Owens to fight Chris Jericho for the Universal Championship, Jericho’s announcement that he will be leaving the WWE might make the WWE look for another direction for Wrestlemania 33.


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According to Forbes, Owens is in danger of not being looked upon as a serious champion. One of his main problems is that Raw has not presented him as a dominant champion and often wins his title matches through tainted victories. One way for the WWE to give Owens credibility was to have him win cleanly against Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. Fans already know that was not the case, so having Randy Orton choose Owens for Wrestlemania 33 could help the WWE fix a couple of image problems.

One is keeping Kevin Owens as the next face of the WWE. With Cena at the twilight of his career, the WWE is banking on Kevin Owens to carry their flagship show. Having Randy Orton shock the world and announce that he will be changing shows to chase Owen’s Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 33 will rock the WWE world. Owens will finally have a legitimate rival at that the WWE really likes, unlike Roman Reigns who is still getting a mixed reception.

Plus, one of Kevin Owen’s biggest strength is his ability to entertain and rile up the crowd. Having Orton as his adversary at Wrestlemania 33 will showcase this much more than he did with Reigns. Fighting Orton at Wrestlemania 33 will finally turn Owens into a credible headliner and will do wonders for his career.

Second is the Universal Title will finally have a champion of Orton’s pedigree. Most Royal Rumble winners go on to win the title so Randy Orton will probably nab the championship at Wrestlemania 33. The Universal Championship has only two winners to date, and while both Balor and Owens have huge potential, the two are really young and lack that long time star power. Having Orton hold that title will turn it immediately into a worthy title.

Wrestlemania 33 is just a few months away and the WWE Universe is waiting for randy Orton to tell us what he is going to do.

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