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Ring Of Honor Episode 322 Results: 11/24/17 – 24 November 2017


Ring Of Honor Episode 322 Results – 11/24/17 – 24 November 2017

Matt Taven vs. Jay White

Taven attempts to use a baseball bat, White rolls him up for a two count. White strikes O’Ryan. Taven hits a neck-breaker on White. Taven goes for a Frog Splash, White gets his knees up. White pins Taven for another two count. White strikes Marseglia. White hits a modified suplex on Taven. White pins Taven for a two count. White starts ascending the turnbuckle. O’Ryan pulls White’s leg as Marseglia has the referee distracted. Taven hits his Climax finisher on White. Taven pins White for the win.

Winner: Matt Taven

The Kingdom attacks Taven after the match. Jonathan Gresham, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelleycome to the ring to chase off The Kingdom.

Shane Taylor vs. Cheeseburger

Taylor pushes Cheeseburger to the mat. Taylor sends Cheeseburger to the ropes. Cheeseburger locks in a headlock on Taylor. Taylor flips Cheeseburger forward, Cheeseburger lands on his feet. Cheeseburger superkicks Taylor. Taylor slams Cheeseburger to the mat. Taylor pins Cheeseburger for a two count. Taylor hits Cheeseburger with a knockout punch. Taylor pins Cheeseburger for the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor

The Dawgs (Rhett Titus & Will Ferrara) come to the ring after the match.

Adam Page vs. Dalton Castle

Page chops Castle. Castle eventually regains control and hits several modified suplexes on Page. Castle attempts a German Suplex on Page, Page lands on his feet. Page superkicks Castle. Castle elbows Page in the face. Castle hits his Bang-A-Rang finisher on Page. Castle covers Page, Cody pulls the referee out of the ring. Castle goes after Cody. As Castle is chasing Cody around the ring, Page hits a Shooting Star Press on him from off the apron. Page rolls Castle into the ring. Page connects with a forearm to Castle. Page inadvertently strikes Cody on the apron. Castle hits a German Suplex on Castle. Castle locks in a shoulder lock on Page. Castle gets the submission win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Page hits a chop block on Castle after the match. Cody stomps on Castle. Cody punches Castle in the face with the “ring of honor”.

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